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About Precision exercises

Precision Exercises has helped a phenomenal amount of people transform their bodies, ranging from busy professionals in a sedentary office job wanting to lose weight, to College and University athletes wanting to improve their bodies to be better at their respective sports. People everywhere can get access to the same training, and the same perpetually evolving regimens we have been providing to busy professionals and athletes for many years, in the comfort of their own home, or an exercise studio.

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Precision exercises

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We are only as strong as our weakest link, and that is where we come in, bringing precise strength and balance to our bodies; optimising our physical and mental health, energy and productivity levels. Your happiness and confidence is our utmost priority, taking advantage of any opportunities that may come your way, pushing you towards getting that next promotion. Adrian has demonstrated a 3 week body transformation recently as a challenge, and the changes clearly showed the expertise and knowledge used to sculpt his own body. Adrian knew he had found an effective structured approach, that he could use to help busy professionals get the most out of their days.

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10 Days Bodyweight Warm Up from completely sedentary, then a 3 Week Intensive Gym Transformation!


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